• An outdated leadership model not aligned to strategy or the desired organisation culture.
  • Competitors were operating globally with a reduced cost base and the organisation was losing market share.
  • They needed to move from a regional to a global operating model and deliver cultural change to support new global ways of working.


  • Using our 5 Roles for 21 st Century Leaders framework we developed an agreed view of what great leadership looks like: ‘a
    leadership standard
  • The bespoke standards described the leadership behaviours required for culture change which supported new global ways of working across 8 functions and 38 countries
  • More than 400 business leaders and colleagues from across the business co-created the standards, which ensured they were written in everyday language rather than ‘management speak.’
  • Launch & communication was de-risked by enrolling those involved in the standards creation process to support the rollout.
  • Work with the HR team to embed the standards into the core HR processes of talent assessment, performance management and learning and development.


“The process we went through to create our leadership standards, whilst it was very rigorous and very thorough, was also very pragmatic.We engaged a wide community within the organisation and produced a leadership standard that everybody could believe in.
Triumpha worked hard to ensure that the standards became a living document that made our ideal skill and behaviours accessible to the whole organisation.
It was a great piece of work.”

Executive Sponsor, Nick Wilkins
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Premier Farnell