• Moving 4,000 people from a regional to a global structure and ensuring that resources were best deployed in order to deliver the business strategy
  • Competitors were operating globally with a reduced cost base and the organisation was losing market share.
  • They had designed a new operating model and needed support for the people change aspects of implementation which impacted eight functions in 19 countries and almost all of their 4,000 people.


  • Implementation of the high-level ExCo organisation design for the CEO’s direct reports
    • Design & facilitation of team launch workshop to accelerate team cohesion, dynamics and processes Team coaching services for 12
    • This involved coaching the team in business-as-usual settings (meetings, observation, feedback) and coaching the team for change.
  •  Implementation of the detailed organisation designs for eight functions across 19 countries:
    • Led a core team of four consultants and an extended ‘internal’ team of 75 people
    • Led the collective consultation process with elected representatives
    • Provided a ‘people change’ toolkit and capability upskill for each global implementation team which de-risked their plan and took these key employees step by step from design through to implementation
    • Design and rollout of a leading change and transition workshop for 120 business leaders which increased the change capacity and capability of this key population
    •  Facilitation of action learning sets for the eight global change leaders.


“Triumpha helped us turn the concept for our new operating model into reality and learn how to transform our business with a particular focus on the people aspects of change.
We changed from a regional organisation to a global functional organisation. This included a very large collective consultation process and changing a significant proportion of the roles and staff in the organisation.
One of the great strengths Triumpha brings is their rare ability to combine operational pragmatism and cutting-edge thought leadership.
They provided concepts which allowed us to consider the direction we were going in, whilst making sure that these ideas were also grounded by their understanding of us as leaders, our business and their extensive operational experience. They helped us to decide how we could pragmatically tackle the challenges we faced…and developed a process that worked for us and guided us through the legal, organisational and behavioural complexities of implementation to deliver our desired outcome.”

Executive Sponsor, Nick Wilkins
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Premier Farnell