45k challenge to raise money for mental health charity Mind

In 2013, Andrea Adams, Triumpha’s Managing Director, is going the extra mile for mental health.

She says, I will be running 45k for the mental health charity Mind. I chose 45k because it is 35k more than I ran last year and I want to celebrate that I have now reached the unmentionable age of 45 and can still drag myself around a race track with a smile on my face – well most of the time anyway!

Mind is an amazing charity. One in four of us will experience mental health problems and when we do Mind is there to make sure that we have somewhere to turn to for advice and support.

My 45k challenge is spaced over four 10k races being held in May, June, August and September, and will finish on December 1st when I complete the Liverpool 5K Santa Dash.

Listed below are the races I am taking part in:

  • 26 May – BUPA Great Manchester 10K Run
  • 02 June – Jane Tomlinson’s Pennine Lancashire 10K
  • 04 August – Jane Tomlinson’s York 10k
  • 29 September – Preston 10K
  • 01 December – Liverpool Santa Dash 5k

Mental health problems touched my family over this last year. So I understand first hand the impact these types of problems can have on individuals and their families. People with mental health problems shouldn’t have to suffer in silence. The more money we raise, the more help and support will be available to people when they need it most. Let’s break down the wall of silence and end the discrimination people with mental health problems so often face.

Please donate whatever you can and help me to support this incredible charity on my Virgin Money Giving page –