Transformation Intensive

A Transformation Intensive is a dynamic, 2½ day event for CEO’s and C-Suite Executives.

It is the number 1 way to create a clear vision for your transformation programme, define the results as they relate to you, and take with you a plan that you can share with stakeholders.

The Transformation Intensive is held for a small group of CEO and C-Suite Executives preparing to implement transformation effort. This group format allows for every attendee to identify obstacles and opportunities while working through specific challenges with the help of our expert team and the added support of your fellow attendees.

The Intensive is for lack of a better term, intense. Work begins before you even attend, as there are action items to be completed before you arrive as well as a 1-1 induction call with our team.

After the 2½ day event there is post transformation group webinar support to ensure that your transformation questions are answered as you transition to implementation.


  • Create a clear vision for your transformation programme that you can share with stakeholders.
  • Have the time to focus on and work with your unique transformation challenges and opportunities in a supportive confidential environment.
  • Exclusive opportunities to test your thinking with and learn from other executive leaders preparing to lead transformation.
  • Challenges and insights from expert facilitators with deep expertise in organisational transformation.
  • Define the results that will tell you your transformation has been successful.
  • New insights/awareness on what is slowing down organisational progress.
  • Realistic view of the resources you need and what you have available to you.
  • A tried and tested approach to transformation and insights on how to make your transformation programme a success.
  • Identify priority transformation strategies and next actions.

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