Leadership Retreat

As a leader, transformation starts with you.

To successfully lead transformation you need to be intentional about your leadership.

This means being crystal clear on:

  • Who you want to be as a leader.
  • Where you want to take your organisation.
  • How you will sustain your leadership throughout the transformation journey.
  • How you will enroll and engage others to help you.
  • How you will align your organisation’s resources to accelerate your transformation journey.

Our Leadership Retreats are 2½ day events for up to 10 C-Level Executives who are focused on transforming their leadership, team and organisation and want their leadership to be a positive influence.

The goal of our leadership retreats is to provide you with the tools and insights that will help you change the way you lead.

Due to the deeply personal nature of the work, and the unique challenges that only CEO’s and C-Level Executives face, the leadership retreat is limited to high level leaders who match the above mentioned criteria.


  • Time to focus and prepare yourself to lead transformation effectively in a supportive confidential environment.
  • Exclusive opportunity to test your thinking with and learn from other executive leaders preparing to lead transformation.
  • Challenges and insights from expert facilitators with deep expertise in organisational transformation and leadership.
  • Guided reflection to help you create your personal leadership and organisational vision.
  • Reconnection with your leadership strengths, credo and who you are at your best.
  • New insights and awareness of the typical challenges you will face when leading transformation and how to overcome them.
  • Be able to anticipate psychological barriers and accelerators of change.
  • Tools/techniques to renew/maintain your energy and resilience whilst you lead transformation.
  • Clearer understanding of what leading transformation will mean for you and what resources you will need around you to be successful.
  • Renewed energy and inspiration for accelerating your transformation.

Invitation is by application only.

If you would like to apply, please contact us here.

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