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Organisational Culture and the importance of feelings

Think of organisations you’ve worked for. Which one is your favourite?   What do you remember about it? Your colleagues, the building, the work?   Or was it the way it made you feel: proud, challenged, energised, hopeful or perhaps even ‘at home’?’   What about your favourite leader? Do you remember how they dressed, […]

Transformation To The New Triumpha

How does one transform a transformation company? And more importantly, why? The simple answer is that we didn’t change all that much. We aren’t changing who we are, what we do, or how we do it. What we are changing is how we show up in the world. It’s a re-brand so that our outside […]

New Leadership through the Lens of Emotions

Emotions and specifically emotional intelligence are synonymous with effective leadership in today’s organisations. How leaders manage their emotions, mange their relationships and make changes to their emotional style have been topics of conversation for some time. Recent studies about the benefits from positive emotions offer new insights. Daniel Goleman’s pioneering work tells us that whilst […]

Psychology Insights for Extraordinary Organisation Performance

Back in 2005, I was HR Director for BAE Systems Air Support. Looking for new ways to drive the extraordinary performance required to execute the business strategy I turned to the new field of positive psychology. The business was doing well with a solid order book, £1 billion turnover and profit in line with expectations. […]

CEOs what do they need to be good at?

Recent research from Mullwood Partnership offers a relevant and insightful answer to this question. The research describes how the role of the CEO is changing and examines the wider range of skills that are now required in order to perform and lead effectively at this level. How must existing CEOs adapt and what needs to […]

Triumpha article one of the most popular in Strategic HR Review

The article, ‘Mapping a Strategic Approach to HR Leadership’ is amongst the most frequently downloaded in Strategic HR Review. Receiving over 700 downloads since publication in 2012.   How pleased am I? Thrilled actually, and wanted to share this news.   I started to write when I founded Triumpha. There were things to say about […]

45k challenge to raise money for mental health charity Mind

In 2013, Andrea Adams, Triumpha’s Managing Director, is going the extra mile for mental health. She says, I will be running 45k for the mental health charity Mind. I chose 45k because it is 35k more than I ran last year and I want to celebrate that I have now reached the unmentionable age of […]

Broadening The CEO Selection Pool: Where Will Our Future Leaders Come From?

Read the research summary of Broadening the CEO Selection Pool: where will our future leaders come from? and download a copy of the full research report.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Typical CEO Career Paths
  • The four most significant changes to the CEO role in the last five years
  • The top five leadership challenges
  • CEO Success Factors
  • The CEO differentiator: the one factor that makes for a stand-out CEO
  • Recommendations for aspiring CEOs
  • Recommendations for those who recruit and develop CEOs

The research was conducted by Jo-Sellwood Taylor and Sharon Mullen, Co-Founding Directors of Mullwood Partnership in collaboration with Dr Sukanya Sen Gupta, Associate Professor at Warwick Business School, Andrea Adams, Triumpha’s Managing
Director and supported by Criticaleye (Network of Leaders).

Strategic Talent Management

Few CEOs today question the importance of talent to their business. But how many genuinely align the organisation’s strategy with its talent needs? They may say that human capital is their primary concern but too often, ‘talent management’ is relegated to the HR department. This allows vital decisions about the organisation’s future to evolve in siloes […]

Talent Management in the Downturn

For organisations to be fit for the future they need to be fit for human beings according to Gary Hamel. We agree with his statement and in this article we consider some of the most pressing talent management challenges facing senior leaders and HR professionals as we emerge from the downturn. Key points include: The […]