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Why timing matters for executive team and board performance

Timing matters for executive team and board performance. It’s the most frustrating of things. Decisions are made, but the time it takes to agree them seems torturously long. Even when they are agreed on, the implementation seems to go at a snail’s pace and you’re worried that the organisation will miss the market opportunity the […]

Executive team performance: get these 5 things right

Get these five things right for optimal executive team performance At our recent round-table event in Edinburgh, High performance top teams – fact or fiction? we discussed a framework for creating an optimal top team, in performance terms. Developed after years of working in and on executive teams, our framework is borne out of first-hand […]

Five things to take your top team from average to outstanding

Five things to take your top team from average to outstanding It’s a bold claim. Only five things to transform an average team into a high-performing one. But they are so absolutely critical you’ll find it easy to see why. 1.Relationships built in service of the organisation’s goals The trend for “team building” has not […]

Top Team Effectiveness: a 21st Century Imperative

In pursuit of top team effectiveness Historically top team effectiveness has been measured by the influence the CEO has on business results. But in an ever-changing 21st century business environment, it takes more than a single heroic chief executive to deliver results. When the single most important non-financial factor for investors is the top team […]

Taking the right first step to future proof your organisation

At our recent invitation-only round table event, Future proof your organisation with 21st century leadership, we discussed many aspects of the current business environment and the challenge it poses. Some of the key points included: No one person has all of the answers. Adaptive and shared leadership is the only sustainable way forward Developing a […]

What does 21st century leadership look like and why does it matter?

They say the only constant is change, consequently, 21st century leadership has never been more relevant than in today’s dynamic business environment. We’re not yet a quarter of the way into the 21st century, but the difference between 20th and 21st century organisations is already marked by those which are thriving, and those which are […]

What Great Leaders Know About Rest

Productivity is critical to organisational performance, but for decades we’ve missed focusing on the one thing which can have a tremendous impact on it. Our blog reveals what’s missing, why we need it, and how the latest scientific research should fundamentally shift our thinking on productivity. Even for the most experienced leaders, it gets tough […]

How Women Thrive in International Business

Andrea Adams, Triumpha’s MD, joined Forward Ladies for their conference, ‘Celebrating Women in International Business’ at the International Festival of Business 2016 in Liverpool. Speaker views on how women push boundaries and thrive in international business including some tips from Andrea were captured in this feature published in the Times.

13 Mindblowing Organisational Transformation Stats

No doubt many of us have heard the oft-quoted statistic that 70% of all organisational transformation and change initiatives fail. But how many of us can recall some of the lesser known (and yet equally eye-opening!) facts and figures that paint a picture of the true impact of transformation, whether at an individual, team or […]

How to build a high performance team you can be proud of

You’ve heard it before, ‘a team is more than the sum of it’s parts’. So in what circumstances is the following true: 1+1+1+1+1+1 = 6 1+1+1+1+1+1 = 2 1+1+1+1+1+1 = 12 Creating the conditions for high performance teamwork, where 1 x 6 really does equal 12, is the holy grail of team development. In this […]