Dhermendra Powar

Dhermendra Powar

I help organisations and CxO leaders navigate towards their organisational goals by strategically driving disruptive and forward-looking people & business change aligned to strategic and commercial objectives.  I support organisations in moving to digital environments and creating best in class employee experiences.

I take time to understand the business, the culture, the industry, and the problems that need to be solved. I believe that every business is as different as it is the same, and therefore each one requires its own bespoke solution based on a logical set of transformational foundations that encompass the technical programme deliverables, without losing the focus on change and transformation being deployed, adopted, and sustained.

With over 20 years of career experience, of which a solid 15 years were spent within organisational change and people transformation, I bring a wealth of industry exposure and best practice to the table through working with and alongside Big 4 consulting houses, multiple industries types, and sizes of business as well as international clients (FTSE, NASDAQ).

As a commercially-biased individual, I challenge and test the rationale, ensure the design is fit for business purpose and drives return on investment (typically over a 3 – 5 year horizon) – whether tangible or intangible, the imprint of progress and evolution must be seen in the workplace and the bottom line.

My vision is to unlock corporate ambition by delivering value-adding and employee-centric change that supports strategic and organic organisational growth as well as creating a great place to work.

Professional Experience

Over my career, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of corporate clients including Unilever, Vodafone, CapGemini, Deloitte, Informa, Sellafield, and Virgin Atlantic, where my remit has been to define and deliver large scale change (£2m+) and transformation within the people, process and technology space.  Roles undertaken have been a hybrid of C-Level, Director & Consultant positions with programme and functional accountability.

I have worked at a global level and have significant air miles as a result. I am well-versed in the cultural dynamics and operating environments across the Americas, UK / Europe, and Asia, where I have delivered transformations driven by merger, acquisition, disposal, outsourcing / offshoring and cost-driven change.

In the main, programmes of work have centred on people and operational transformation, technology implementations and acquisition driving cost-saving outcomes.  Outsourcing to centralise as well as create efficiencies and finally creating digital strategies, consumerised employee experiences (self-service) and building people and financial data strategies that allow data-driven decision making and accountability for continuous improvement.

I have led complex and high-value programmes with clear outcomes, governance and financial targets, and have consistently achieved on or ahead of schedule, delivering tangible multi-million-pound cost efficiencies.