Andrea Adams

Andrea Adams

Managing Director

Incredibly experienced, with an impressive track record leading successful transformation programs, Andrea is able to see the big picture and then turn vision into reality.

Business leaders are faced with challenges like never before, challenges that require new insights, more focused vision, and a motivated employee base to implement the leader’s vision.

Unfortunately, today’s organisations rely on 20th century leadership and management practices to address 21st century challenges. This leaves the potential of their workforce untapped, hurting the organisation’s ability to grow and adapt in the business environment of today.

A company in its most tangible form is simply a collection of people, and is therefore only as strong as those people who comprise it.

Fundamentally I want to influence and shape the practice of transformation and cultural change within organisations so that organisations create sustainable solutions, which secure a successful tomorrow and create an organisation where people can thrive.

Out of this line of thinking, Triumpha was born.

As the managing director of Triumpha, I have worked with a wide array of organisations, from FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies to privately owned organisations. At Triumpha we take great pride in working closely with charities such as the Tate, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, FACT and the Bluecoat, as well as Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival (LAAF) and the Creative Foundation.

Before Triumpha, I worked for over 25 years in leadership roles crafting organisational transformation within blue-chip companies such as Ford, Unilever, and BAE Systems (amongst others), serving in a variety of roles from Chief HR Officer to HR Director. I have worked at the board level to develop organisation-wide change, and have implemented award winning programs and processes that have positioned organisations for success in the 21st century.

Creating a culture where employees are passionate about their work, empowered in their roles, delivering results and able to reach their potential provides me with a tremendous amount of fulfillment.

Academically, I have a Masters degree in HR Leadership from the Rotterdam School of Management, and an MBA from Warwick University.

I am also Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and an independent board member and Chair of the Nominations Committee for the University of Central Lancashire.

I have a keen interest in psychology, hold the NTL OD Certificate and I am a certified business coach with the World Association of Business Coaches.

Born and raised in Liverpool, the city’s culture influenced my love of the arts, conversation and quick fire humour. I’m married to Keith and we live in the quietly spectacular Ribble Valley in Lancashire. It is a foodie heaven and this, combined with my passion for cooking for family and friends means I am forever grateful that I also love to run – albeit slowly.